Specializing in Milling and Paving Sweeping, Heavy Highway sweeping, and Construction site clean up.


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About Us

Family owned and operated for three generations, we have been in business for 25+ years. Servicing all of Long Island and NYC we have the experience to get the job done, top of the line reliable equipment, and flexibility to work around your schedule.

No other company operates the way we do. With family behind the wheel of our trucks we are accountable to deliver quality results.

Construction Management

We don’t just send a truck. We make a plan to fill all your needs from a seasonal clean up to recurring weekly sweeps. Our team makes sure the project is complete and need no supervision from you the client.

Local 138 Operators Available
Same Day Service Or Next Day Service
7 Days A Week
24 Hours A Day

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Street Sweeper Rentals and Sales!

Sales are our newest venture we are selling Brand New Merit Sweeprite (TM) S2 and S3 sweepers and used sweepers.

A brand new 2019 S2 Sweeprite! Hot off the assembly line. As a local dealer you can call us now to order yours! We have a variety of models instock available for sale or rental.

About Our Equipment

  • Newer and well maintained, our sweepers keep going longer and safer.
  • Our trucks are Twin Engine Mechanical broom sweepers with exceptional power to get the heaviest sites clean.
  • Top Quality LED Lighting makes sure we are not only seen but light up our work area at night.
  • Dust Control, with proper water spray bars in front, middle and in back of our sweepers means we keep dust to a minimum.
  • Better brooms with more bristles provides a cleaner surface and consistent results.
  • Truck cabs are fitted to driver comfort so our operators stay focused on the job without fatigue.


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Roadway and Highway Sweeping

From major highways to your local streets we have the experience and equipment to clean your asphalt.

Parking Lot Air Sweeping

With scheduled visits we keep your lot clean. Other services: Hand picking, Sidewalk blow &Trash cans emptied. Dirty Parking lots attract thief’s and reduce shoppers. These services are available for Central Suffolk Only.

Construction Site Clean up

Milling, Paving or just making a mess, we can come to your job site and relieve the burden of cleaning a large mess by hand. Saving you man hours to complete your project sooner.


NY DOT, NY & NJ Bridge &Tunnel Authority
Milling & Paving Companies
Roadway Construction Companies
Towns, Villages and Highway Depts.
Private Communities, Schools, Fire Depts,
Shopping centers, Landscapers,
Plow & Sanding companies.

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Early Bird Sweeping Contractors Inc.
75 Mt Sinai Ave
Mt Sinai, NY 11766

Call# 631-680-3297